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 (stī′lər, -lär′)
1. Biology Of or relating to a style.
2. Of, relating to, or resembling a stylus.


(ˈstaɪ lər)

Bot. pertaining to a style.
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1) The dye was put in the berry from the stylar end (the end opposite the pedicel), and then it was traced in the pedicels, peduncles and even shoots of the vine.
STYLAR A Out of fashion B Without columns C Sagacious who am I?
Barrett SCH, Jesson LK, Baker AM (2000) The evolution and function of stylar polymorphisms in flowering plants.
The internal epidermal cells are round 'or' circular in shape and protect the stylar canal,
Fruits were washed with distilled water, and after drying, the stylar area was dipped in heated wax, leaving an area of approximately 79 [cm.
Digital Clarity is a trading name of Stylar Limited.
Despite this diversity, Robbrecht (1988) pointed out the presence of three reproductive strategies common in Rubiaceae-distyly, morphologically characterized by the presence of two inter-compatible floral morphs, which is generally observed in species of Rubioideae (Barrett, 1992); stylar pollen presentation involving protandry and pollen presentation in the style which is generally recorded in Ixoroideae (De Block and Igerscheim, 2001; Nilsson et al.
Two of the plesiomorphic characters of Aristolochia are the presence oia completely inferior ovary formed by the congenital fusion of six carpels, and the congenital fusion of the six stamens with the stylar portion of the carpels, forming the typical gynostemium in the genus (Gonzalez, 1999b; Gonzalez & Stevenson, 2000, 2002; Kelly & Gonzalez, 2003).