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A book giving rules and examples of usage, punctuation, and typography, used in preparing copy for publication.


(Journalism & Publishing) a book containing rules and examples of punctuation, typography, etc, for the use of writers, editors, and printers



1. a book containing the rules of usage in punctuation, typography, and the like, used by editors, writers, typographers, etc.
2. a book of styles and fashions.


n (Typ) → Stilvorschriften pl; (Fashion) → Modeheft nt; (for hairstyles) → Frisurenheft nt
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The AP Stylebook uses that spelling, but because Hebrew is difficult to transliterate to English, a number of spellings have taken hold.
The first Associated Press Stylebook was 60 pages, bound together with staples, a basic guide for newswriting.
Let me offer just a few words about a couple of posts I've seen online regarding the Associated Press' influential stylebook and the abortion issue.
Please add a note to your stylebook that antiquated terms like "spry" have no place in your excellent, forward-thinking publication.
The AP Stylebook recently made headlines and raised some eyebrows by deeming that we shouldn't capitalize the words Internet and Web anymore when used in an online context.
com)-- Fabusco, the online community that inspires new ways of wearing clothes, releases its new stylebook for June.
In 2013 the Associated Press announced it was changing its stylebook and using the term "illegal" to "describe only an action, such as living in or immigrating to a country illegally.
us of how the Associated Press Stylebook defined various terms in an era before Facebook, YouTube and Google.
The wire service said it would hire additional data journalists and will also "codify best practices" in data journalism and provide them in its "AP Stylebook.
Stylebook A personal stylist right on your smartphone?
She also led the effort to create the first Spanish-language AP Stylebook.
Amal Clooney Visiting new husband George on the set of his latest movie, the 37-year-old lawyer accessorizes with a fringed bag and some Kate Hudson Take a leaf out of the 36-year-old actress's boho stylebook and opt for a bold, statement hue.