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She adds: 'Ironically, such stylelessness is highly stylized and the distinct characteristics of the 1 960s conceptual mode are as conspicuous and as easy to identify as the flamboyant quality of William Morris' Arts and Crafts motifs or the modern asymmetry of Jan Tschichold's Neue Typographie', pp.
The Kingpins, a four-woman collective working with scary stylelessness and epic glamour, contributed Oz Style, 2010, a painting executed by Indian sign and film-set painters that elaborates an in-your-face, sci-fl-babe fantasy based on the imagined survival and outback adoption by dingoes of Azaria Chamberlain, a real-life nine-week old, baby who was almost certainly taken and killed by these native dogs in 1980.
Shane Weller's observation that Beckett's "approach to his own self-translations" was "a deliberate impoverishment, an attempt to achieve the greatest simplicity, and even a certain stylelessness" (xiv) is supported by the playwriting novelist's explanation that his turn to theater while writing Watt in the early years of his career was prompted by "the need to create for a smaller space, one in which [he] had some control of where people stood or moved, above all, of a certain light" (ctd.