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Persuasion: moral suasion.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin suāsiō, suāsiōn-, from suāsus, past participle of suādēre, to advise; see swād- in Indo-European roots.]


a rare word for persuasion
[C14: from Latin suāsiō, from suādēre to persuade]
ˈsuasive adj


(ˈsweɪ ʒən)

the act of attempting to persuade; persuasion.
[1325–75; Middle English < Latin suāsiō=suād(ēre) to advise + -tiō -tion]
sua′sive (-sɪv) adj.
sua′sive•ly, adv.
sua′sive•ness, n.
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Noun1.suasion - the act of persuading (or attempting to persuade)suasion - the act of persuading (or attempting to persuade); communication intended to induce belief or action
communicating, communication - the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information; "they could not act without official communication from Moscow"
line - persuasive but insincere talk that is usually intended to deceive or impress; "`let me show you my etchings' is a rather worn line"; "he has a smooth line but I didn't fall for it"; "that salesman must have practiced his fast line of talk"
arm-twisting - persuasion by the use of direct personal pressure; "some gentle arm-twisting produced the desired result"; "no amount of arm-twisting will get me to agree"
canvassing, electioneering, bell ringing - persuasion of voters in a political campaign
exhortation, incitement - the act of exhorting; an earnest attempt at persuasion
proselytism - the practice of proselytizing
sloganeering - persuasion by means of empty slogans
prompting, suggestion - persuasion formulated as a suggestion
weapon, artillery - a means of persuading or arguing; "he used all his conversational weapons"


[ˈsweɪʒən] N (= liter) → persuasión f
References in classic literature ?
One of the forms of moral suasion by which Pharaoh was
Grimshaw, whose seat in the sternsheets was none of the best, grasped the situation simultaneously with Daughtry, and, with a quick upstanding, and hooking out-reach of hand, caught the fat pawn-broker around the back of the neck, and with anything but gentle suasion jerked him half into the air and flung him face downward on the bottom boards.
The only thing the DTI is doing is to influence or a moral suasion on manufacturers on their pricing scheme.
If that last alternative is forced upon them, Kashmiris hope that India, with the urging and moral suasion of the international community, will put no obstacles in the way and that the world will honor the results of the free and fair vote.
He hopes to count on moral suasion and pricked conscience of American leadership to push success forward.
Recommend measures to converge and orchestrate internal security operations efforts of civil authorities and agencies, military and police; Apply moral suasion to and/or recommend sanctions against local chief executives who are giving material and political support to the communist rebels;
The editors have organized the material thematically into four sections: "Democracy and Politics," "Moral Suasion," "The Arts," and "Come Closer to Me.
The pieces are arranged thematically in sections on democracy and politics, moral suasion, and the arts, with pieces arranged chronologically within each section.
He and Delany were eager to use The North Star to promote moral suasion as the means of eradicating Black poverty and "moral decadence.
Speculation has been going on for months over who will succeed him in an office which has wide but loosely defined powers that range from naming prime ministers and vetoing laws to exercising moral suasion over government policy.
I believe this has a place in bringing about change, when simple moral suasion fails, as it sometimes will.
Each country has until November to come up with its own supposedly "concrete" plans, but there is nothing to enforce their implementation except the moral suasion of other members.