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adj. suav·er, suav·est
Courteous and elegant; gracious and sophisticated.

[French, agreeable, from Old French, from Latin suāvis, delightful, sweet; see swād- in Indo-European roots.]

suave′ly adv.
suave′ness, suav′i·ty (swä′vĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.suaveness - the quality of being bland and gracious or ingratiating in manner
graciousness - excellence of manners or social conduct
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(swaːv) adjective
(of a man or his manner) pleasant, elegant, polite and agreeable.
ˈsuavely adverb
ˈsuaveness noun
ˈsuavity noun
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References in classic literature ?
"Well, Cooky?" he began, with a suaveness that was cold and of the temper of steel.
Morally as well as verbally Vladimir's suaveness is only a veneer.
Yet the ex-slave's voice, with its lack of contractions, lucid philosophical tone, and fluidly repetitive cadences, suggests self-assurance, rationality, even suaveness. His survival depends heavily upon his ability to sound free, and that to cross-examine him for purposes of ascertaining what is more or less axiomatic not only proves ridiculous, it is akin to the tautology of Huck's Jim: freeing an already free man.
It is a display of consummate suaveness that does indeed ``razzle dazzle `em''.
A rogue can be equally rotten, but tends to mask his actions in a cloak of suaveness. Donaldson manages to find a good variety of each species.
With a vocal suaveness, Karen Ramirez has mastered a seductive sound reminiscent of Sade.
Distinguished by their nonpareil "urbanity, suaveness, and economy" (Sullivan 90) and found in practically every anthology of the supernatural published on either side of the Atlantic for the last hundred years, James's elegant and measured turn-of-the-century narratives usually recount the tribulations of well-educated Victorian and Edwardian elites who stumble into contact with the otherworldly and then have to cope somehow with the irrational, non-intellectual horrors they have unwittingly, often stupidly, unleashed.
He grew into the role with confidence and aplomb, delivering an excellent combination of suaveness, flair, sexiness and tongue-in-cheek dialogue.
Yet he often roughened his singing style too much as he concentrated on his characterizations, and even his "Scintille diamant" aria lacked his usual vocal suaveness. Mezzo-soprano Adriana Zabala, singing the newly fashioned dual role of Nicklausse and Hoffmann's Muse, had a fine, fresh tone and easy acting manner, which made her an audience favorite.
The performance is delicate and nuanced, filled with sweetness and passion in equal amounts, but characterized mostly by the suaveness of Plasson's direction.