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Noun1.sub-assembly - a unit assembled separately but designed to fit with other units in a manufactured product
assembly - a group of machine parts that fit together to form a self-contained unit
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"We are trying to bring global sub-assembly manufacturers into India.
Parts delivery: Once all the parts for a delivery have been loaded, the tugger is sent to one of 24 drop-off locations (2) located on four production lines and one sub-assembly line.
Our brief was todesignand manufactureaworking model of a fixture for a SK sub-assembly to enable the test operator to connect products toadrive tester andbatch soak without having touse a screwdriver to connect 14 individual wires.
"Instead of building ahead of time, and eating up man-hours so that we always had inventory on hand, we just place the order and get finished sub-assembly just in time to build the chamber.
If you can't remove the old PPC from its mounting plate, don't be tempted to swap out the old PPC chassis sub-assembly for the new chassis sub-assembly.
This directive requires all OEMs and component and sub-assembly producers providing products to the EU to take responsibility for the E/E products they manufacture at the end of their useful life--including collection, recovery, and treatment.
A vital part of the project has been Crown Zeller's development of an entirely new valve sub-assembly to meet the increasing market demand for large volume products.
Hamamatsu has introduced its G9735-14 receiver optical sub-assembly (ROSA) that combines a Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) PIN photodiode and preamp in a 1.25 mm diameter sleeve.
Sub-assembly of the module also provides increased manufacturing efficiency when components are designed not only for their function but also for assembly.