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1. Somewhat or moderately acute: subacute sepals.
2. Between acute and chronic: subacute endocarditis.

sub′a·cute′ly adv.


in a subacute manner
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However, another group of patients presented subacutely similar to OP, with cough and dyspnea of few weeks' duration, did not require mechanical ventilation, and eventually recovered.
Late-onset or late-occurring ocular effects (these are effects which were not present acutely or subacutely after the exposure) of sulfur mustard exposure are impossible to predict and are unlikely to be identified in a periodic evaluation.
Neoplastic processes due to carcinomatous and lymphomatous meningitis are an important cause of multiple cranial neuropathies especially when the patient presents subacutely (Days to weeks).
The clinical picture began acutely in two patients and subacutely in one.
The treatment of CRPS presents a significant challenge when the patient presents subacutely or late for treatment.
In sports-related mTBI, objective balance deficits have been shown acutely (1 wk) and subacutely (up to 90 d) compared with both baseline and controls using either the SOT [15-16], the Balance Error Scoring System [17], or the center of mass (COM) during gait [18].
In a state of subacutely acquired AQP4 dysfunction, as occurs in NMO, altered CSF reabsorption could further exacerbate hydrocephalus through a non-obstructive mechanism [19].
Vertex short and narrow, a little longer than wide, subacutely rounding into frons, about 1/3 of its total length projecting beyond the anterior margin of eyes, lateral margins subparallel, strongly expanded laterally before eyes, base of vertex with shallow depressed marked areas on both sides; sub median carinae arising near anterior margin of eyes next to prominent lateral carinae, meeting shortly before to fastigium and delimiting a very faint small subapical areola.
Manifestations of toxoplasmosis present subacutely in a multifocal manner.
For example, rodents subacutely exposed to diesel engine exhaust showed increased levels of proinflammatory and prooxidant markers such as tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] TNF-[alpha], interleukin-1 [alpha], Jun oncogene (AP-1), and nuclear factor kappa B (NF[kappa]B) in the striatum (Gerlofs-Nijland et al.
Diabetic radiculoplexus neuropathy is a relatively rare condition, in which unilateral or bilateral muscular weakness that acutely or subacutely develops mainly around the hip in type 2 diabetes patients.
New-onset psychosis in the HIV-infected patient is the development of psychotic symptoms (delusions, hallucinations, disorganised behaviour, negative symptoms or altered form of thought), either acutely or subacutely, in the absence of concurrent substance abuse, opportunistic infections, space-occupying lesions, cognitive impairment or various medications.