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1. Somewhat or moderately acute: subacute sepals.
2. Between acute and chronic: subacute endocarditis.

sub′a·cute′ly adv.
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in a subacute manner
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Scabies infestation causes a range of cutaneous manifestations both acutely and subacutely. Telltale burrows or linear lesions on the palms and soles, wrist, interdigital web spaces, and even genitalia are more diagnostically helpful (and where any scrapings should be done ideally) than are more nondescript papules.
In contrast, if most body systems are acutely, subacutely, or chronically challenged (e.g., normal pregnancy), the organism would be forced to develop an allostatic response.
Intraoperatively, it was noted that extensive bleeding accumulated subacutely within the anterior and lateral compartments.
Bartonella osteomyelitis usually presents subacutely in the axial skeleton, as we observed in our patient, unlike hematogenous osteomyelitis, which presents acutely and typically involves the appendicular skeleton [9].
However, another group of patients presented subacutely similar to OP, with cough and dyspnea of few weeks' duration, did not require mechanical ventilation, and eventually recovered.
Conversely, subacutely CS-exposed [IRAK-M.sup.-/-] mice manifested significantly attenuated infiltration of inflammatory cells into the airways and less number of Th17 cells and more Tregs in lungs compared to similarly administrated WT mice.
Chemotherapy-related toxicities can occur acutely, subacutely, chronically, or many years after the treatment [4].
(i) Systemic autoimmune disturbances can affect both central and peripheral nervous system and they can present subacutely.
Late-onset or late-occurring ocular effects (these are effects which were not present acutely or subacutely after the exposure) of sulfur mustard exposure are impossible to predict and are unlikely to be identified in a periodic evaluation.
Neoplastic processes due to carcinomatous and lymphomatous meningitis are an important cause of multiple cranial neuropathies especially when the patient presents subacutely (Days to weeks).
The clinical picture began acutely in two patients and subacutely in one.