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Located or occurring on or near the surface of the earth.


at the earth's surface; under the air


(sʌbˈɛər i əl, -eɪˈɪər i əl)

located or occurring on the surface of the earth.
sub•aer′i•al•ly, adv.
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To the east the Peel Sound Formation (Thorsteinsson & Tozer 1963) consists of red sandstones and siltstones grading upwards into oligomict conglomerates and pebbly sandstones, deposited over a large delta system as subaerial fans prograding from the rising Boothia Uplift.
Size distributions and failure initiation of submarine and subaerial landslides.
Similarly, Klimchouk (2005) holds that tiankeng is a youthful stage of open collapse-doline development, suggesting that the formation of tiankengs may involve various breakdown mechanisms and processes, including upward stoping by slab and block breakdown, lateral expansion of an initial opening through face retreat, and un-rooftng of a cavity by subaerial weathering.
Lesquereux admitted the possibility that these two kinds of leaf might belong to a single species, and considered that the dimorphism might be due to some leaves being subaerial (corresponding to Annularia longifolia) and others aquatic (Annularia inflata).
The first stage, named Pre-Etnean stage, corresponds to a long period of submarine and subaerial fissure-type eruptions, whose products are now exposed in the Acitrezza, Acicastello and Ficarazzi area, localized on the lower SE flank of the volcano (Figure 1).
T-R sequence uses the subaerial unconformity as the unconformable portion of the boundary on the basin margin and the maximum regressive surface (MRS) as the correlative conformity farther seaward (Embry and Johannesen, 1992).
Besides, sandy sediments have good capillarity capabilities providing mats with capillary water in short periods of subaerial exposure (Porada and Bouougri, 2007).
The result of the Ypsilanti lowstand would have been subaerial exposure of the landscape below the Maumee beaches before being flooded at elevations below the Whittlesey beach (Fig.
2007) Contemporaneous massive subaerial volcanism and late Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event 2.