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I ordered Harris to make the ascent, so I could put the thrill and horror of it in my book, and he accomplished the feat successfully, though a subagent, for three francs, which I paid.
* Subagent. This is where the agent works with the buyer but has a fiduciary duty to the seller.
The choices made during the process of transportation can reduce the transportation fees (subagent selection, victualing, crew transportation company selection etc.) are made by agency.
Even the agent helping a client house hunt was considered a "subagent" of the listing agent and was legally bound to secure the highest price and best terms for the seller.
Statistics provided to The Daily Star by City Car, a car subagent, show that Hyundai and Kia were the most affected by the new circular as their sales in January 2015 dropped to 679 cars from 902 in the same period in 2014.
In 1841 Abel Bingham sent a report of his mission to James Ord, the subagent of the Office of Indian Affairs at Sault Sainte Marie.
Can a principal be an agent's subagent? Or is this recursivity equivalent to the song "I'm My Own Grandpaw"?
(78) Article 399, Paragraph 3 of the CO foresees that, in cases of agency, where the agent delegates his authority to a third party, whether to a substitute agent (as authorized by the principal) or to a subagent (without such authorization), the principal is entitled to hold that third party--with whom he has no contractual link--directly liable to himself for all claims to which the agent is entitled.
If the subagent is anything like a human, they would quickly integrate the other goals into their own motivation, (12) removing the need for the gun wielder/corporation part of the algorithm.
(122) At the very least, early courts held that the specialist was a subagent of the customer's broker, who was, in turn, an agent of the public customer.
Now normally, this subagent commission should go back to the consumer, and at least in part, assigned to help lower prices for consumers.
To paraphrase Shakespeare: "To be an agent or not to be an agent, a broker, an insurance producer or a subagent; that is the question." Alternatively, how about being an agent or broker at the same time?