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Dependence of the optic nerve sheath diameter on acutely applied subarachnoidal pressure-an experimental ultrasound study.
Neurofilament immunohistochemistry using 2 monoclonal antibodies (neuronal antibodies and SMI32) showed very thin fascicles of the axons in the white matter and internal capsule and some uneven neuronal processes in the subarachnoidal glioneuronal outbursts (Figure 4, D).
Neuropathology showed a grade 2 germinal matrix and subarachnoidal haemorrhage, both small and regarded as manifestations of terminal hypoxia rather than the cause of death.
9) * Brain hemorrhage, ischemic stroke, subarachnoidal bleeding, but excluding transient ischemic attacks.
Isolated posterior spinal artery aneurysm causing intracranial acute subarachnoidal hemorrhage.
Subarachnoidal Neurocysticercosis nonresponsive to cysticidal drugs: a case series.
In the data analysis, only patients diagnosed with ischemic stroke or intracerebral or subarachnoidal hemorrhages at discharge were included.