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Sidi Barrani area is a coastal region that belongs to the subarid region with mild winter and arid summer.
The Tamaricetea arceuthoidis: a new class for the continental riparian thickets of the Middle East, Central Asia and the subarid regions of the Lower Volga valley
It is positioned near the root of the giant unicorn clade and originated in a subarid steppe.
Asterosiphon dichotomus (Kutzing) Rieth (Vaucheriales, Ochrophyta, Xanthophyceae) in subarid agricultural soils of Catalonia (Spain).
2) Chernozemic, typically occurring in the cool, subarid to subhumid climates of central Canada;
A climatic atlas published by the Texas Water Development Board shows the study area is subhumid to subarid, the average annual precipitation from 1951-1980 is 27 inches (69 cm) and the average gross lake surface evaporation rate for the period of 1950-1979 is 65 inches (165 cm) (Larkin & Bomar 1983).
To accomplish his goal, he acquired approximately two thousand acres of land just south of the federally protected Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve in Quintana Roo's subarid forest and, in keeping with his interest in all things Maya, named it Uxumil Ceh, or "the Palace of the Deer Lord."
Latosols occur irrespective of present-day climatic regimes, being found in subarid north-east Brazil or in very humid areas elsewhere in the country.
By plotting any pair of values (Q and m) on a system of axes, we obtain a separation of the different subclimates, ranging from subarid to subhumid, and from cold to hot for each of the categories of aridity.