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n. pl. sub·as·sem·blies
An assembled unit forming a component to be incorporated into a larger assembly.
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n, pl -blies
(Mechanical Engineering) a number of machine components integrated into a unit forming part of a larger assembly
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(ˌsʌb əˈsɛm bli)

n., pl. -blies.
a structural assembly, as of electronic parts, forming part of a larger assembly.
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In logistics, a portion of an assembly, consisting of two or more parts, that can be provisioned and replaced as an entity. See also assembly; component.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-September 3, 2019-Lockheed Martin celebrates 50th anniversary of Mississippi subassembly plant
Travel Business Review-September 3, 2019-Lockheed Martin celebrates 50th anniversary of Mississippi subassembly plant
Release date- 29082019 - Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) employees and local community leaders marked the 50th anniversary of the corporation's subassembly plant located here with a celebration today.
On the inner sidewall of each gripper is a fixed pin that catches a designed protrusion on the outer sidewall of the Closure Subassembly. This causes the gripper's magnetic clutch assembly to slip, thus halting any further rotation and ensuring proper orientation.
We have cable equipment here, and can do all of the box building ourselves, but for some production runs it doesn't make sense to invest in the people, expertise or equipment for making a particular cable when we know we can get a fair price and good turnaround with a trusted subassembly partner, says Jim Ayars, president of J&J Technologies, ISO certified provider of turn-key and consignment electronic manufacturing services, specializing in high quality, quick-turn of prototype to medium volume surface- mount and through-hole assemblies.
The AGCs act as a mobile assembly line: Parts are placed on a carrier and transported from one subassembly station to the next until all tasks are complete.
For example in Table 1, disassembly operation 7 decomposes the subassembly BCD into CD and B with the values -1 (destruction) and 1 (creation) in the corresponding elements.
JET Investment's board chairman Igor Fait told CIA that the group plans to keep the die-forging and subassembly production chiefly for the railroad sector and intends to broaden the product portfolio of MSV Metal.
For example in order to calculate each subassembly temperature it has to get inputs such as state of the reactor (full power or part power etc).
As orders are placed, products are configured to order from the subassembly kanban, tested, packed and shipped.
Because of the large size of some of the component sections and the limited lay-down area available at the power plant, Abington Group used the pier as a receiving and staging area for subassembly work.