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1. The act of understanding and mentally supplying a word or thought that has been implied but not expressed.
2. A word or thought supplied by subaudition.

[Late Latin subaudītiō, subaudītiōn-, from subaudītus, past participle of subaudīre, to supply an omitted word : Latin sub-, sub- + Latin audīre, to hear; see au- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Psychology) something that is not directly stated but implied
2. (Psychology) the ability or act of understanding that which is only implied
[C18: from Late Latin subaudīre, from sub- + Latin audīre to hear]
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(ˌsʌb ɔˈdɪʃ ən)

1. an act or instance of understanding or mentally supplying something not expressed.
2. something mentally supplied; understood or implied meaning.
[1650–60; < Late Latin subauditiō understanding. See sub-, audition]
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- The act of understanding something that is implied but not overtly expressed; the act of reading between the lines or otherwise understanding a message that is implicit.
See also related terms for implied.
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