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A floor beneath a main basement of a building.


(Architecture) an underground storey of a building beneath the main basement


(ˈsʌbˌbeɪs mənt)

a basement below the main basement of a building.
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Located in the SoHo Cast Iron Historic District, the 21,000 s/f elevatored building contains six residential lofts, one retail store and a subbasement.
Tenders are invited for Supply Fabrication Installation With Supports Inspection Hydro-Testing And Commissioning Of 200 Mm NB Seamless Carbon Steel Sch 40 Pipe Line From Over Head Storage Tank To Subbasement Location Of Dhruva Reactor Building At Dhruva BARC Trombay Mumbai 85
Common structural changes in the airway include thickening of the subbasement membrane, excessive mucus secretion, subepithelial fibrosis, inflammatory cell infiltration, and extracellular matrix deposition in the subepithelial layer (You et al.
137) Likewise, Plaintiff Mosko argued that her former place of employment "was frequently being renovated," that new ceilings and a subbasement were under construction, and that invoices from a possible asbestos supplier might indicate the presence of asbestos in the construction.
Ghost hunters June Gilbert and Vicky Morgan of Night Vision Investigations, a small team from QVC in Kirkby, and this ECHO writer, descended into the subbasement in the bowels of the luxury 62 Castle Street Hotel.
Now Rose finds herself on a post-Dark Times Earth, her stasis tube part of a pile of abandoned junk in a subbasement, and herself the unexpected heir and ward of her dead parents' company.
Dave, aged 38, said: "The building is 500 years old and the dungeons in the subbasement are 743 years old.
The 25-foot-wide building features an elevator and a full-height usable basement and subbasement.
The compensation system is described as "a subbasement of the legal world, a $5.
Long sexually deprived (by his account), he's already switched into a poverello kind of celibacy to co-found and run Christian Help in Park Slope, usually called CHIPS, the 1960s and '70s Brooklyn homeless world's subbasement.
Rones' subbasement apartment was a real dump, like those flats derelicts lived in on Dragnet.
Describing the importance of his instructions as "high", Mr Clements says: "On July 3 a parcel of approximately 2,000 items of correspondence was signed for by a post room member in the subbasement.