A subdivision that has common differentiating characteristics within a larger branch.
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The high court itself-which is currently beset by dissension and disrespected by its own members who have lost their civility and self-respect-is in real peril of becoming a 'banana' court, on the way to being a virtual adjunct or subbranch of the executive branch, and reduced to a mere democratic ornament.
Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) or Multi Criteria Decision Making is a subbranch of operational research which helps in decision making where several decision making criteria exist.
In the presentations before and after the operation, it was observed that subbranch ostia were open.
Computer vision is a subbranch of AI research, which refers to the ability of computers to identify objects, scenes, and activities in images by using sequences of imaging-processing operations and other techniques to decompose the task of analyzing images into manageable pieces (Figure 1, A).
However, this axiom is not correct for the output instructions that are declared in a parallel branch or a subbranch. For example, as can be seen in Figure 9, the Move output instruction is declared in a parallel branch of the main branch.
In addition, the earlier strains in the root of each major subbranch were isolated mainly from Zhejiang, and in the years before 2005, some strains from Guangxi were also mixed in the Guizhou branch.
[23, 24] proved that the shortest path problem of time-dependent network was a NP-Hard problem and put forward the concept of shortest path stability from three aspects including length stability of shortest path, optimal solution stability, and stable subbranch. And then he designed an efficient algorithm to reduce the repetitive computation by using stable information.
One typical branch group was selected from each of those 120 trees as a shaking area, which includes a main branch, at least one 1-depth subbranch, at least one 2-depth subbranch and a stem.
thermophilus strains could be clustered into three distinct branches, of which two branches are split into two subbranches. Strain CC30 formed as one of the subbranches along with the other subbranch of ASR-1 strain.
Therefore, we need to ensure that there are termination criteria; that is, at some point the loop breaks out to a subbranch that has no loops.
When seen in this light, Kates's insistence that HET is economics (or at least a subbranch of it) would have made sense had he recognized that HET is far too capacious a subject for that compliment.