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A stage in the succession of an ecological community preceding the attainment of a climax community, often persisting because of the occurrence of fires, floods, or other disturbances.

sub′cli·mac′tic (-măk′tĭk) adj.


(Biology) ecology a community in which development has been arrested before climax has been attained
subclimactic adj


(sʌbˈklaɪ mæks)

the stage of an ecological community that normally precedes the climax, esp. when further development is arrested.
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This was consistent with the sugarberry-cedar-elm-pecan community in which pecan was, perhaps, a subclimax species that persisted into the climax forest.
La variedad fisonomica, esta dada por subclimax edaficos (cardonales, salinas, banados, etc.).
Geist (1971) distinguished between permanent and transient moose habitat, the latter typically comprising early successional or subclimax plant communities resulting from natural (fire) or human (logging) perturbation of coniferous forest stands.
Burns and Honkala (1990) listed bitternut hickory as a common associate of subclimax and climax forests, particularly in more southern forests in the US.
They would lead to steady contraction of the "waterbody," and increasing desiccation of the bog environment, with hemlock attaining "at least subclimax status and the understory also evolving to reflect this change."
The whole of the western prairie was a fire subclimax zone, ensuring that there were abundant grasses but little or no wood lots or scrub.