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The office, order, or rank of subdeacon.

[Late Latin subdiāconātus, from subdiāconus, subdeacon (partial translation of Late Greek hupodiākonos) : Latin sub-, sub- + Late Latin diāconus, deacon; see deacon.]

sub′di·ac′o·nal adj.


(ˌsʌbdaɪˈækənɪt; -ˌneɪt)
(Roman Catholic Church) the rank or office of a subdeacon
[C18: from Medieval Latin subdiaconus subdeacon + -ate2; see deacon]
ˌsubdiˈaconal adj
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Then in 1972 he issued another apostolic letter, Ministeria Quaedam (On First Tonsure, Minor Orders, and the Subdiaconate), by which he eliminated tonsure, minor orders, and the subdiaconate while establishing two installed ministries of lector and acolyte, mostly for priesthood candidates.
Frost says that the ceremony appeared to be a "blending" of the ordination of deacons and the blessing of those entering the subdiaconate, the highest minor order in the Orthodox Church, possibly to deflect pressure from parts of the church that are resistant to the idea of conferring major orders on women.
The study begins with a brief review of Ockham's origin in Surrey, England, his ordination to the subdiaconate in 1306, and his subsequent entries into the Franciscan Order and the ranks of the professional clergy.