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n. Music
The fourth tone of a diatonic scale, next below the dominant.
1. Zoology Less than dominant; ranking below one that is dominant: the subdominant male in a pride of lions.
2. Ecology Prevalent in a community but below the dominant in importance. Used of a species.


(sʌbˈdɒmɪnənt) music
1. (Music, other) the fourth degree of a major or minor scale
2. (Music, other) a key or chord based on this
(Music, other) of or relating to the subdominant


(sʌbˈdɒm ə nənt)

1. the fourth tone of an ascending diatonic scale.
2. less than or not quite dominant.
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Noun1.subdominant - (music) the fourth note of the diatonic scale
musical note, note, tone - a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound; "the singer held the note too long"
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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After all, he writes that his particular division between dominants and subdominants "entails a fair amount of theoretical choice, one might even say whimsy" (p.
rhamnoides)] is in the category of main species; baria (Cordia gerascanthus), carbonero (Colubrina elliptica) and chicharron (Pseudocarpidium avicennioides) are subdominants. In the shrub layer, with a cover considered medium to high (40-80%), no me toques (Oplonia tetrasticha) and Varronia globosa are main species; while picha de perro (Capparis flexuosa) and palo bronco (Malpighia suberosa) are subdominant species.
Since between Darbenai village and the territory of wind farms there lay isolated woodlands and scattered homesteads, differing overhead power transmission lines and poles, the turbines viewed from some observation points can be sufficiently clearly visible as landscape elements, and from others--as landscape subdominants. The visual effect on the village is not negative.
These cutting-edge decoys feature new body postures including adult males and females, subdominants and juveniles.
Within this association are two primary communities, the mesquite-colima (Zanthoxylum fagara)-granjeno community, in which colima and bluewood brasil (Condalia hookerz) are the subdominants, and the mesquite-granjeno/hog-plum (Colubrina texana) community, in which hogplum is the subdominant.
In this context, in his non-programme music, the 1st movement of his Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A minor is particularly remarkable; here repeated quasi cadence passages of the solo violin over a sequence of D minor - E major triads sound like archaic phrygian cadences (although in the framework of the overall harmonic plan they may also be related to the key of A minor as a sequence of subdominants and dominants, with the tonic not uttered for a long time); together with the predominance of "rhapsodic" scoring this music likewise creates an image that can be taken as mythic narration.
Cluster analysis.--Cluster analysis showed that during both seasons spiders four species group form: dominants, subdominants, commons and rare (less than two individuals).
Grassland communities found on dry, steep, south-facing slopes in the Aishihik-Sekulmun Lakes area, southwest Yukon Territory, are dominated by Artemisia frigida and Carex filifolia, with Calamagrostis purpurascens, Poa glauca, Penstemon gormanii, Phlox hoodii, and Potentilla nivea subdominant. The grasslands are similar in terms of dominants and subdominants to other grasslands in southwest Yukon, but twelve species that have not been recorded at other sites were found in the Aishihik-Sekulmun area.
Subdominants included the barnacle Epopella plicata and the mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis and Xenostrobus pulex.
Subdominants were Celtis laevigata, Quercus virginiana and Liquidambar styraciflua.
Quercus rubra, Tilia americana, Liriodenderon tulipifera, Fraxinus americana, Ulmus rubra, Celtis occidentalis, and Prunus serotina are subdominants commonly found in beech-maple woods (Lindsey and Escobar, 1976).