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Noun1.subfigure - a figure that is a part of another figure
figure - a combination of points and lines and planes that form a visible palpable shape
flank - a subfigure consisting of a side of something
hemisphere - half of a sphere
facet - a smooth surface (as of a bone or cut gemstone)
ramification, branch, leg - a part of a forked or branching shape; "he broke off one of the branches"
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Additionally, the average standardized difference across all variables in the model is presented at the top of each subfigure. Standardized differences for REM are represented by circles and by crosses for cohort matching.
During these days, the 588-dagpm contour centers in the Yangtze River Delta, intensifying the heatwave, (d) The July-August mean temperature and the HWMI show significant correlations with the July-August mean west-extending ridge point position of WPSH and global mean temperature anomalies with p < 0.01 before detrending (numbers in left column of each subfigure) and p < 0.04 after detrending the time series (numbers in right columns), (e) GEV fit (in solid lines) of the July-August mean temperature and the HWMI with 95% confidence intervals (in dashed lines)
In particular, the subfigure on the top shows the annual occurrence frequency (hour of occurrence) of each wet-bulb temperature in the standard meteorological data (Tokyo), while the one below shows the PUE against the outside air wet-bulb temperature.
(B, D, E) Additionally, the liver is heterogeneously enhancing, as visualized on these images, with ill-defined hypoattenuating areas observed within the right hepatic parenchyma (white arrowheads), and suspected to represent hepatitis, lipidosis, or a combination of both.The image inset associated with each subfigure represents the plan of the displayed CT images.
In addition, each subfigure consists of three parts: the purple-bordered region in the left marks the attention regions, the blue-bordered region in the upper right marks the spatial attention region, and the green-border region in the lower right marks the temporal attention region.
For the shear failure mode, as shown in the right subfigure in Figure 2, "S" typed deformation of casing is generally observed under shearing induced failure, and thus it can be roughly represented by sine function as [11]
Each subfigure in Figure 5 represents the parameter of GEV distribution of extreme precipitation downscaled with SDQM, SD-DQM and SDQDM, respectively, and a change projection of 20-year precipitation in the reference period.
The first subfigure presents the pressure field distribution at 3 ms after the detonation.
Figure 1 shows additionally an enlarged subfigure of the region for [10.sup.8] < [[sigma].sub.n] < [10.sup.-8].
In Figure 3 (left), we can see the boundary obtained by NCIM almost matches that by FDM; moreover the realized convergence rate of NCIM roughly behaves proportional to the theoretical ones from the right subfigure.
In each subfigure, the interpolant with the lowest bending energy is shown as the orange curve; the shortest interpolant is shown as the green curve; and the longest interpolant is shown as the curve denoted by dashed lines.