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 (sŭb′flôr′ĭng) or sub·floor (-flôr′)
A rough floor over which a finished floor, flooring material, or carpet is laid.
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Whichever material is selected, the subflooring and underlayment play a great role in its installation and maintenance over time.
remove all floor covering to wood below, remove wood flooring to subflooring.
Readers of Rushdie's other novels know how stylistically playful he can be and how wide the range of knowledge and references he incorporates into the subflooring of his novels.
A severe case is the contamination of wood during catastrophic floods due to the spill of fuel oil into flood waters, which then contacts wooden framing members and subflooring.
Designed and manufactured by Sare Plastics, a custom injection molding operation, the Silca System is a deck inlay subflooring grid that can be used on new decks or retrofit applications, and is certified to meet International Code Council standards.
It uses the very same technology and resins as AdvanTech's award-winning subflooring products.
Sandy homes where subflooring was removed in easily accessible areas and not under walls or stairs.
His company's portable options include Springstep IV, which involves prefabricated subflooring panels connected with a tongue-and-groove system and topped with a vinyl surface, such as the durable multipurpose Super Timestep.
Set the cutting depth to cut through the subflooring and any underlayment.
Funds will also pay for subflooring, stereo equipment, mirrors, and computer software.
Now that the exterior walls are up, the crew has moved inside to work on the interior framing, install the subflooring and raise the roof.
The fire is believed to have started when superheated fire broke through fireplace mortar and reached some wooden subflooring, Eugene Springfield Battalion Chief Lance Lighty said.