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The partly fossilized remains of an organism.

sub′fos·sil adj.


something partly fossilized
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Moreover, All archaeological samples are available and from securely dated contexts; The fieldwork is solely for the collection of fresh wood for comparison and surface samples of subfossil wood - i.
Spencer WB and Kershaw JA (1910) A collection of subfossil bird and marsupial remains from King Island, Bass Strait.
Assessment of recent eutrophication and climate influence in the Archipelago Sea based on the subfossil diatom record.
All mussels collected were identified and counted as either living, freshly dead (soft tissue present, nacre lustrous, and no erosion of the shell), weathered (dead and noticeable internal/ external erosion of shell with possible staining), or subfossil (little to no periostracum remaining with the internal/external shell often faded to white).
According to him "The type series of Habrothrix angustidens consists of subfossil cranial fragments and disassociated hemimandibles from several caves in the vicinity of Lagoa Santa .
Many species have recently disappeared from the dry forests, including forest mammals like giant lemurs or smaller mammals within the Afrosoricida or Rodentia as documented by subfossil records (e.
Only a preliminary survey has been made to date, but it already is clear that it is one of the richest subfossil sites ever discovered in Madagascar.
They have included subfossil bone finds, consulted tribal experts, verified unique terms for the condor in dozens of Indigenous languages, researched historical records from travelers, naturalists, and European settlers, and made an exhaustive survey of feather and bone ethnographic artifacts, ornithological specimens, and photographs that document the existence of the condor in the Northwest.
2010: The rise and fall of wild boar in a northern environment: Evidence from stable isotopes and subfossil finds.