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The partly fossilized remains of an organism.

sub′fos·sil adj.
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something partly fossilized
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235) The present study indicates that shells of living mussels, together with museum or subfossil shell material may be used to date environmental changes caused by natural events and large-scale industrial, agricultural or nuclear contamination.
Palaeoclimate analysis of southwestern Yukon Territory using subfossil chironomid remains from Antifreeze Pond.
Similarly, the lack of chironomids does not necessarily mean missing wet condition: wet periods might have been just short or the subfossil remains might have been transported elsewhere postmortem or destroyed with later tillage activities.
Amphibians and reptiles in the fossil and subfossil record have barely received any attention due to their scant remains recognized in, or recovered from, the sedimentary record.
Mitter, "An annotated catalog of fossil and subfossil Lepidoptera (Insecta: Holometabola) of the world," Zootaxa, no.
Spencer WB and Kershaw JA (1910) A collection of subfossil bird and marsupial remains from King Island, Bass Strait.
Copals are Quaternary subfossil resins that can contain both extinct and extant species of animals and plants (Poinar et al.
All mussels collected were identified and counted as either living, freshly dead (soft tissue present, nacre lustrous, and no erosion of the shell), weathered (dead and noticeable internal/ external erosion of shell with possible staining), or subfossil (little to no periostracum remaining with the internal/external shell often faded to white).
According to him "The type series of Habrothrix angustidens consists of subfossil cranial fragments and disassociated hemimandibles from several caves in the vicinity of Lagoa Santa ...