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Salazar's play is in many respects a typical example of la comedia de capa y espada (the cape and sword comedy), a subgenre of the Baroque stage that revolves around the courtship intrigues of young noblemen and women who, after overcoming jealousy, amorous disdain, and paternal opposition, sort themselves out into marriageable couples.
In the subgenre of slo-mo sci-fi, Gattaca makes 2001: A Space Odyssey look like a slalom race.
He discusses the history of the genre; how to reconsider perceptions of genre by focusing on the multiliteracies involved in reading comics and graphic novels; the strengths and weaknesses of the superhero subgenre and their uses in exploring justice; genres outside the superhero genre; film adaptations; young adult and children's graphic novels and their use in the classroom; and continuing issues in incorporating comics and graphic novels in literature study.
Though horror films seem to cycle through ups and downs at the box office, the exorcism subgenre has consistently brought in the green--and not just the iconic pea-soup green Linda Blair made famous in "The Exorcist."
But Landers's more immediate context here is the subgenre of painting that throws together tits and kitsch in a Surrealist environment, and compared with his fellow practitioners (Lisa Yuskavage and studio-mate John Currin), he is simply not very good in this idiom.
They describe more than 3,000 titles that may appeal to all age ranges, organizing them by genre and subgenre. The sections cover super-heroes, action and adventure, science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime and mysteries, general fiction, humor, and non-fiction.
The Taiwanese life-crisis drama has become an overexploited subgenre, with nothing new to be gleaned from Lin's ponderous retread.
The book belongs to the same subgenre - whatever it is - as The Queen's Throat, Wayne Koestenbaum's peculiar 1993 rumination on opera and gay men.
Focusing on 50 popular contemporary authors, as well as notable past authors, she presents an overview of the genre; a listing of authors by subgenre; alphabetical author entries with biographical information, work lists, and research sources; and an annotated bibliography.
1948), often called the father of cyberpunk, that subgenre of science fiction that focuses on computer information systems, corporate control, and hyper-urbanized spaces.
David offers an even sterner warning to Mifed attendees ready to hawk their "'Scream'-in-a-summercamp" project: "The particular subgenre that 'Scream' falls into - one that mixes in witty dialogue and plotting, '90s casual hipness and more scares than total gore - is especially difficult to imitate.
The "discourse of the artist," however, is a subgenre of the discourse of the hero.