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n. pl. sub·gen·e·ra (-jĕn′ər-ə)
A taxonomic category of related organisms ranking below a genus and above a species.
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(sʌbˈdʒiːnəs; -ˈdʒɛn-; ˈsʌbˌdʒiːnəs; -ˌdʒɛn-)
n, pl -genera (-ˈdʒɛnərə) or -genuses
(Biology) biology a taxonomic group that is a subdivision of a genus but of higher rank than a species
subgeneric adj
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(sʌbˈdʒi nəs)

n., pl. -gen•er•a (-ˈdʒɛn ər ə)
Biol. a category of related species within a genus.
sub`ge•ner′ic (-dʒəˈnɛr ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.subgenus - (biology) taxonomic group between a genus and a species
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
taxon, taxonomic category, taxonomic group - animal or plant group having natural relations
genus - (biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species
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Lasioglossum lanarium is not the largest bee in that subgenus; L.
Polymerase chain reaction done on pooled tissues from two birds produced an amplicon in both pooled samples, and direct sequencing confirmed the presence of 533 base pairs of a Haemoproteus spp in the subgenus Parahaemoproteus.
four species under subgenus Pandasyopthalmus and one species each under subgenera Paragus and Serratoparagus are reported from Pakistan.
The genus is divided into a number of subgenera (estimated at between 13 and 15, Hyde and Vetter 2007) among which the subgenus Sebastomus is particularly well characterized by congruencies in both morphology and genetics (Chen 1971; Rochas-Olivares et al.
The subgenus Stegomyia of genus Aedes has 128 valid species worldwide, (11) with 24 species found in the Greater Mekong subregion of Asia (Cambodia, China, Laos, Myammar, Thailand, and Vietnam), including 12 species from Lao PDR.
Contribution to the study of the genus Anthaxia (subgenus Anthaxia s.str.) Eschscholtz, 1829 (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) of Turkey.
Taxonomy.--Guillarmodia was previously treated as a subgenus of Euglandina.
They can be found in the stool during and after upper respiratory tract infection but only subgenus F; serotype 40 and 41, more rarely serotype 31, cause gastroenteritis (2,3).
The author of this study conducted further collecting trips to various localities in China and examined various Vietnamese collections that resulted in the discoveries of new localities and new taxa oi Paragongylopus, including one new subgenus, four new species and one new subspecies described in this study.
This led to names "Salmonella kauffmannii" beginning designated for "subgenus" I, Salmonella salamae for "subgenus" II, Salmonella arizonae for "subgenus" III, and Salmonella houtenae for "subgenus" IV [19].
Phaenema, confirm widely cultivated Ganoderma, which mainly belong to subgenus Ganoderma.