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A dish of Chinese origin made with mixed vegetables.

[Cantonese sap6 kam2, mixture, subgum; akin to Mandarin shíjǐn : shí, assorted (from Middle Chinese ʂɦip, squad of ten men, ultimately derived from the same Old Chinese word as Middle Chinese ʂɦip, ten) + jǐn, brocade (from Middle Chinese kim´).]


(Cookery) a type of Chinese dish containing meat or seafood with vegetables



(of various Chinese-style dishes) prepared with a mixed variety of vegetables, diced meat, and seafood.
[1935–40; < dial. Chinese (Guangdong) sahp-gám]
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Consequently, among the descriptions of the shrimp, crab, lobster, salmon and tuna specialties listed on the menu, you will also see ingredients such as miso, tabouleh, ponzu, subgum noodles, sake broth, couscous, jalapeno, wasabi, Jamaican curry, jasmine sticky rice and lots more.
Menu information: Four-course meal of subgum chicken-shrimp-vegetable wonton soup precedes shrimp and egg rolls.