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a. subhepático-a, situado debajo del hígado.
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Eight sub-spaces were considered: right subphrenic, left subphenic, right subhepatic (hepatorenal pouch), left subhepatic, lesser sac (omental bursa), pre greater omentum, retro greater omentum and pelvic sub-space.
Although the large defect hampered the function of the subhepatic drain, it preserved the intraabdominal cavity from biliary content by giving rise to biliary-cutaneous fistula.
We found that in all 337 cases, abdominal drain was placed in the subhepatic space; data on the time of drain removal were insufficient, but most were removed on postoperative day one.
At the end of the first stage of this approach, a drain was placed in the subhepatic region before closure of the abdomen.
The subhepatic space was routinely drained by a closed tube drainage system.
A trace amount of fluid was retrospectively noted in Morrison's pouch within the right subhepatic space, potentially a herald leak from the weakened diverticular bladder wall (Figure 2).
A subhepatic closed suction drainage (14 F) was then inserted.
They are usually located intraperitoneally (56%), either in the subhepatic region, abdominal wall (20%), thoracic (13%), and retroperitoneal space (11%) [15].
Therefore, subhepatic, subdiaphragmatic, and more distant abscesses can spread to the thorax not only by contiguity but also by the anatomical and physical properties between these cavities [5, 14-16].
CT scan was requested and showed small amount of free fluid collection in the subphrenic area with subhepatic longitudinal mass and large pneumoperitoneum suggesting possible bowel perforation and dilated proximal small bowel loops without obvious transitional zone.