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n. pl. sub·in·di·ces (-dĭ-sēz′)
1. Mathematics A subscript.
2. pl. sub·in·dic·es or sub·in·dex·es An index of measurement based on relatively few variables, especially a trade index based on the performance of a particular group or type of stocks.


n, pl -dices (-dɪˌsiːz) or -dexes
1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) another word for subscript2
2. (Library Science & Bibliography) US an index to a subcategory


(sʌbˈɪn dɛks)

n., pl. -dex•es, -di•ces (-dəˌsiz)
1. an index to a part of a larger category.
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Only the mining and oil subindex sank on Monday as it declined 0.
New option listings for February 9th include iPath Series B Bloomberg Cotton Subindex TR ETN (BALB), iPath Series B Bloomberg Coffee Subindex TR ETN (BJO), iPath Series B Bloomberg Livestock Subindex TR ETN (COWB), Denali Therapeutics Inc (DNLI), Goldman Sachs Hedge Industry Vip ETF (GVIP), iPath Series B Bloomberg Copper Subindex TR ETN (JJCB), iPath Series B Bloomberg Grains Subindex Total Return ETN (JJGB), ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ), iPath Series B S&P GSCI Crude Oil ETN (OILB), and iPath Series B Bloomberg Sugar Subindex TR ETN (SGGB).
In February, the global macro subindex, which comprises systematic, discretionary, commodity and currency funds, finished up 1.
Summary: Business activity rose at a robust rate, with this subindex at 57.
The subindex statements of reasons are measured by (a) the number of justifications and (b) their degrees.
On the Environment subindex, which includes nine indicators measuring the political, regulatory, and business and innovation environments, Qatar ranked first among all Arab economies and advanced to 15th position in the world.
Sales and marketing job activity in August rose by 71% from August 2014, when this subindex had its low point for that year.
Breaking down the results, the organization's criteria where Bulgaria has a relatively good record are in the "Efficiency enhancers" subindex, which includes higher education (64th), the labor market (68th), goods market efficiency (61st), financial markets (59) and technological readiness.
When compared to South Asia region the bottom ranking of the country signifies weaknesses in the attitudes and abilities subindex highlighted by lower scores in pillars like human capital technology absorption startup opportunity startup skills risk acceptance and networking.
The PMI survey of around 350 private-sector firms showed that output grew steadily in September, with the related subindex standing at 53.
Price inflation was also faster than in recent months, with the input prices subindex up to 54.