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1. subject.
2. subjective.
3. subjectively.
4. subjunctive.
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Likewise, the non-identical pattern with the partitive form in the higher clause, mida-mis (SUBJ question: Mdn = 4, IQR = 2; OBJ question: Mdn = 4, IQR = 1), was found acceptable by fewer informants (65.2% and 78.6%, resp.) than mis-mida (Mdn = 5, IQR = 1) used in an object question, which was accepted by 93.2% of respondents.
FC Koln (10) 17:30 Saturday 50% 9 SC Paderborn 07 (8) 17:30 Saturday 36.4% Second survey (27th matchday) 10 Borussia Dortmund (10) 18:30 Saturday 28% 11 FC Augsburg (6) 15:30 Sunday 39% 12 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (7) 15:30 Saturday 35.8% 13 SV Werder Bremen (9) 15:30 Saturday 39.3% 14 Eintracht Frankfurt (8) 15:30 Saturday 47.7% 15 VfL Wolfsburg (2) 15:30 Saturday 65.4% 16 Bayer 04 Leverkusen (4) 15:30 Saturday 70.3% 17 SC Freiburg (15) 15:30 Saturday 36.2% 18 Hertha Berlin (13) 17:30 Sunday 48.6% # Home team (#rank) (a) Subj. (c) Suspense (c) First survey (10th matchday) 1 FC Bayern Munchen (1) 6.7 8.3 2 FC Schalke 04 (12) 6.6 5.4 3 Borussia M'gladbach (2) 6.7 6.1 4 1.
(1a) Tiang ng-adol tanah (SVO)(Actor Voice, default) 1 AV-sell land 'I sold (my) land.' (1b) Ng-adol tanah // tiang (VOS)(pragmatically marked) AV-sell land 1 'Selling (my) land was what I did.' (1c) Ng-adol // tiang tanah (VSO)(pragmatically marked) AV-sell 1 land 'I SOLD, not bought, land.' Balinese shows a well-defined notion of a surface grammatical subject (SUBJ) with evidence coming from properties such as preverbal position, exclusive access to relativisation, raising, control, and fronting as a question word (see Arka 2003 for details).
@tidewaters: Civil libertarian in me agrees, but (in Canada) marriages also financial structures subj to diff.
Witsell, The Adjutant Gen., to Colonel Caffey, subj: General Officers' Eligible List (26 Mar.
Subj: B-49 and RB-49 Presentation to Chief of Staff Reconnaissance Aircraft, Strategic Folder, Box 27, Entry 170 DCS, Development; Dir.
Many over-the-counter securities are similar to the bonds that FINRA placed in Phase 3B : they are infrequently traded, subj e ct to dea ler inventor y availability, and their trading is often motivated by idiosyncratic, firm-specific information.
Few writers are able to demythologize historical icons while retaining a substantive empathy for their subj ect's humanity and achievement.
It seems to me that to encourag re young people to take a up Stem subj u ects alone risks a pauc a ity t of futu u re u inno n va o ti a on.
She has been elected as a member of our student council and is achieving excellent results in all of her subj b ects.
Letters are subj, length, spelling and punctual Letters may be mailed to Ec Business,122 E.