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For a long while they all smoked vigorously and in silence, pondering over the subject matter before them.
The subject matter of this conference was not disclosed in the parlour, but the kitchen was speedily enlightened concerning it; for Mr.
The point of the definition is not that it includes memory, but that it includes it as one of a class of phenomena which embrace all that is characteristic in the subject matter of psychology.
The court summarily rejected the attempt to elevate procedural error to the level of subject matter jurisdiction: "[T]he subject-matter of the suit was the assertion of a lien predicated upon a contract of sale ...
Where the parents of a man killed by police officers filed an administrative claim before they were appointed their son's executors, they failed to exhaust their remedies and their wrongful death suit is dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.
To secure an insurance policy one must have insurable interest which refers to the "current, legal and financial relationship" between the insured and subject matter of insurance a mare hope of having interest in future is not enough to be considered as insurable interest.
Kung minsan ang subject matter kung saan-saan na napupunta.
The current research work was conducted to compare the male and female subject matter knowledge of secondary school teachers selected through Conventional, National testing Service and online process regarding competency based teacher education.
About five months have gone by since my last update on the state of patentable subject matter after the 2014 Alice Supreme Court decision and its progeny.
Author Erwin Panofsky started by giving his readers an understanding of iconography which is concerned with the study of subject matter or meaning or massages of art work as opposed to their form.
Crossroads of the Classroom: Narrative Intersections of Teacher Knowledge and Subject Matter

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