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tr.v. sub·lat·ed, sub·lat·ing, sub·lates Logic
To negate, deny, or contradict.

[From Latin sublātus, past participle of tollere, to take away : sub-, sub- + lātus, taken; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]

sub·la′tion (-lā′shən) n.


1. formal denial
2. (Chemistry) chem a method involving the collection of a material on the surface of a liquid's gas bubbles
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The eventuality of sublation by the spirit of history looms over even the greatest of the Buribunken.
Broch's essays thus offer clear evidence, through their multiple and often bifurcated use of "Romanticism" of his resolve to approach literature and the wider domains of culture and ideology as a post-romantic thinker who insists identifying and preserving not justh the energies of sublation but also, arguably even more so, those of discontinuity and breakup within the seemingly unbroken.
To count on their positive sublation would be to figure "society as a single subject [which] is moreover a false mode of speculative reasoning" (Marx, 1971: 27).
The products of the sublation between the objective and subjective elements of the intellectual commons are again twofold.
The photographic sublation through the western gaze also reveals the negative dialectics of testifying the charisma and intensity that bestow the ordinary life.
The conference's hope was to produce a synthetic merger or Hegelian sublation.
Hegel would call this a 'second negation,' or sublation (Aufhebung).
Their topics include Hegel's concept of the true infinite and the idea of a post-critical metaphysics, a critique of non-metaphysical readings of Hegel's practical philosophy, Hegel's Faith and Knowledge and the metaphysics that takes the place of metaphysics, on the limits of language in a Hegellian metaphysics, and The German Ideology and the sublation of idealism.
To utter "I love you", to inscribe the existence of love in the domain of the socio-symbolic, marks the genesis of an "extreme movement" of a "being reaching completion" which does not involve sublation of the self or other; rather, the self is exposed, "but what is exposed, what makes it exposed, is that it is not completed by this process, and it incompletes itself to the outside.
You can witness total sublation in the cock of one's own eyebrows
Adorno does, of course, give us the impression that the speed of the turnover, the leap or sublation into the qualitatively new, continues to happen in a fundamentally regressive manner.
93) But to appeal to the sublation of the levels of consciousness does not infer that any one of the patterns is taken up and absorbed by the other.