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Less than lethal: sublethal dosages.

sub·le′thal·ly adv.
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not strong enough to kill
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(sʌbˈli θəl)

almost lethal or fatal: a sublethal dose of poison.
sub•le′thal•ly, adv.
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adj subletal
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mossambicus displayed significant elevations in blood glucose level when exposed to sublethal concentrations of chlorpyrifos, which agrees with those found by Banaee et al.
The results demonstrated that the recreational boating noises tested can have sublethal physiological disturbances, the researchers report.
Effects on cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, and sublethal responses (oxidative stress, DNA damage, and mitochondrial membrane potential) were measured in exposed human immortalized bronchial cells BEAS-2B cells.
The anti-CD45 saporin ADC was more effective than an unconjugated anti-CD45 antibody, pre-transplant cyclophosphamide, or sublethal irradiation in combination with post-transplant cyclophosphamide.
(2008) found that clotting time increased in Channa punctatus exposed to sublethal concentrations of Cu.
Sublethal injury was determined as a difference in the number of cells on nonselective and selective media.
There was an approximately 50-fold increase in reactive oxygen species production, and a significant inhibition of phagocytosis with exposure of alveolar macrophages to a sublethal 0.5 percent ECVC/nfECVC.
Exposure to these mild sublethal conditions subsequently induces stress tolerance response in which these initial mild stress shocks provide edge to L.
Sublethal infection presents practical benefits to pest control programs because affected insects are unlikely to cause substantial further damage to plants (Bernal 2013), and experience reductions in development and reproduction (Cabodevilla et al.
'Sublethal anticoagulant rodenticide impacts vary from species to species, and also within individuals,' explains Mourad Gabriel, a research faculty member at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.
Diazinon generates high acute toxicity to a wide variety of aquatic organisms, leading to a wide range of sublethal biochemical effects, damage to specific target organs and tissues, and adverse ecological impacts.