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Less than lethal: sublethal dosages.

sub·le′thal·ly adv.


in a sublethal manner
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24) Accordingly, the 4T1 cells used in the present survey were sublethally heated before undergoing the freeze-and-thaw procedure.
Barron MG, Adelman IR (1984) Nucleic acid, protein content, and growth of larval fish sublethally exposed to various toxicants.
Formulated to ISO 6579, this medium is designed to support the recovery of sublethally damaged salmonellae prior to selective enrichment.
Several studies suggest that the presence of other microorganisms mask the development of sublethally damaged Listeria spp.
As a consequence, some cells, which are known as viable but non-cultivable, are not counted by this method, just like the cells that are dead, sublethally damaged, injured, inhibited, dormant or inactive.
Field data corroborate the persistence of ATV between epidemics in sublethally infected Tiger Salamander metamorphs (Brunner and others 2004), and salamander populations typically recover 1 to 2 y after a die-off, suggesting evolved resistance (Brunner and others 2004).
53) In addition, it has been shown to decrease the fertility and fecundity of Ae aegypti adults that develop from sublethally exposed larvae.
Sammut (1998) showed that gill lesions in sublethally exposed fish can repair within 24-48 h of exposure but in moribund fish, lesions became more severe before death occurred in the recovery waters.
Thrombocytopoiesis in normal and sublethally irradiated dogs: response to human interleukin-6.