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Less than lethal: sublethal dosages.

sub·le′thal·ly adv.
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in a sublethal manner
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Another study reported that application of high pressure C[O.sub.2] ranging from 200 to 600 MPa resulted in more than 99.99% of cells which were sublethally injured "Ulmer [18]".
Each animal was sublethally anesthetized with sodium pentobarbitone (Euthatal, Merial Animal Health Ltd., Dublin; 200mg/ml) at a dose of 50mg/Kg.
In this period of allogeneic transplantation development, it is also important to highlight urgent allogeneic transplantation in five physicists from Vinca lethally and in one sublethally, accidentally irradiated with gamma rays and neutrons.
(24) Accordingly, the 4T1 cells used in the present survey were sublethally heated before undergoing the freeze-and-thaw procedure.
[41.] Barron MG, Adelman IR (1984) Nucleic acid, protein content, and growth of larval fish sublethally exposed to various toxicants.
In Protocol 1, male Stat4-/- C57Bl/6J and littermate controls, 8 weeks old, were sublethally irradiated using 2 irradiation regimens of 6 Gy each with a 4-hour interval between irradiation processes (orthovoltage X-ray machine).
sublethally irradiated the hindlimbs of mice in order to prevent endogenous MSC from participating in the cortical healing process [17].
Formulated to ISO 6579, this medium is designed to support the recovery of sublethally damaged salmonellae prior to selective enrichment.
Several studies suggest that the presence of other microorganisms mask the development of sublethally damaged Listeria spp.
Sublethally irradiated severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mice were transplanted with ARH-77 cells on day 0.
This idea was based on their observation that sublethally irradiated mice, transplanted with bone marrow [GFP.sup.+] progenitor cells exhibiting a [CD45.sup.high]/MHC class [II.sup.high]/[miR-124.sup.low] phenotype, presented [GFP.sup.+] [CD11b.sup.+] positive cells in the brain with a [CD45.sup.low]/MHC class [II.sup.low]/[miR-124.sup.high] phenotype.