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A license giving rights of production or marketing of products or services to a person or company that is not the primary holder of such rights.
tr.v. sub·li·censed, sub·li·cens·ing, sub·li·cens·es
To grant a sublicense to or for.

sub′li·cen·see′ n.


vb (tr)
(of a licence holder) to license (someone else)
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The settlement stipulates that the four non-exclusive viral vaccine sublicenses previously granted to Moderna are the only sublicenses to survive.
Under the Amended License Agreement, Abattis has now been granted the exclusive, worldwide rights to a patent license, with the right to grant sublicenses, to use the Bio-Pharma technology for growing products at licensed facilities, which products may only be used as ingredients in the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical, cosmetic and wellness markets, for total consideration of $600,000 to be paid by way of the issuance of 6,000,000 common shares of Abattis ($250,000, or 2,500,000 common shares of Abattis, of which was previously paid to Vertical Designs on execution of the original agreement).
InVivoScribe Technologies will make an upfront payment and royalties on sales and sublicenses to Takara Bio.
He said the sublicense issue "has enormous value that could reach tens of millions of dollars" and advised that anyone relying on a sublicenses from Microsoft "seek the advice of their own counsel on the relevant language of the agreement.
Transferring the software to other hardware, using it on other equipment, granting subleases and sublicenses, or otherwise letting a third party use the software is strictly prohibited, unless you negotiate those arrangements in advance.
At present, Lexicon remains open to negotiation regarding limited sublicenses to companies and institutions that desire to develop in-house knockout mouse research programs.