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 (sŭb-lo͞o′nə-rē, sŭb′lo͞o-nĕr′ē) also sub·lu·nar (-lo͞o′nər)
1. Situated beneath the moon.
2. Of this world; earthly.

[Late Latin sublūnāris : Latin sub-, sub- + Latin lūna, moon; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Astronomy) situated between the moon and the earth
2. of or relating to the earth or world
[C16: via Late Latin, from Latin sub- + lūna moon]


(ˈsʌb lʊˌnɛr i, sʌbˈlu nə ri)

also sub•lu•nar

(sʌbˈlu nər)

1. characteristic of or pertaining to the earth; terrestrial.
2. mundane or worldly.
[1585–95; < Late Latin sublūn(āris) (see sub-, lunar) + -ary]
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Adj.1.sublunary - situated between the earth and the moon
2.sublunary - of this earth; "transcendental motives for sublunary actions"; "fleeting sublunary pleasures"; "the nearest to an angelic being that treads this terrestrial ball"
earthly - of or belonging to or characteristic of this earth as distinguished from heaven; "earthly beings"; "believed that our earthly life is all that matters"; "earthly love"; "our earthly home"
References in classic literature ?
In one sense, the pupil's witty answer might be given by a large majority of sublunary beings.
I enlarged upon many other topics, which the natural desire of endless life, and sublunary happiness, could easily furnish me with.
The succeeding week seemed long: it came to an end at last, however, like all sublunary things, and once more, towards the close of a pleasant autumn day, I found myself afoot on the road to Lowton.
Patiently to earn a spare bare living, and quietly to die, untouched by workhouse hands--this was her highest sublunary hope.
Little Fyne held very solemn views as to the destiny of women on this earth, the nature of our sublunary love, the obligations of this transient life and so on.
I continued in this thankful frame all the remainder of my time; and the conversation which employed the hours between Friday and me was such as made the three years which we lived there together perfectly and completely happy, if any such thing as complete happiness can be formed in a sublunary state.
Further, the knowledge that he is Sustainer (not hopelessly separated from the sublunary sphere by three, or ten, or eighteen thousand intermediaries) permits the worshiper to maintain a direct relationship with Him without resorting to mysticism.
The narrator of the poem hopes to avoid a tearful departure from his mistress and explains to her that their mature, spiritual love can withstand their temporary separation, unlike "dull sublunary lovers' love" which demands physical presence.
the universe, and for the sublunary "world" in particular .
18) Such an analysis might suffice for certain instances of animal motion in the sublunary world, but when applied to the eternal heavenly motion it blurs the distinction between cause and effect beyond recognition, and subjects the motion of the world to a contingency that would be fatal to Aristotle's argument.
Let me start in the middle, where all sublunary things start.
The powerful god-like position of the painter/viewer as "an all-knowing eternity beyond sublunary change" (95) may be especially true of the representation of the female body.