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1. Covered with water: submerged reef.
2. Botany Submersed.


(səbˈmɜːdʒd) or


1. (Botany) (of plants or plant parts) growing beneath the surface of the water
2. hidden; obscured
3. overwhelmed or overburdened



1. under the surface of water or any other enveloping medium; inundated.
2. hidden, covered, or unknown.
3. poverty-stricken; destitute; impoverished.
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Adj.1.submerged - beneath the surface of the watersubmerged - beneath the surface of the water; "submerged rocks"
subsurface - beneath the surface; "subsurface materials of the moon"
2.submerged - growing or remaining under watersubmerged - growing or remaining under water; "viewing subaqueous fauna from a glass-bottomed boat"; "submerged leaves"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
aquatic - operating or living or growing in water; "boats are aquatic vehicles"; "water lilies are aquatic plants"; "fish are aquatic animals"


adjective immersed, sunk, underwater, drowned, submarine, sunken, undersea, subaqueous, submersed, subaquatic Most of the mouth of the cave was submerged in the lake.
مَغْمور بالماء
í/á kafi
su içinde/altındasuya gömülü


[səbˈmɜːdʒd] ADJsumergido


[səbˈmɜːrdʒd] adj [rock, cave] → submergé(e)


adj rocksunter Wasser; wreckgesunken; cityversunken; (Pol: = underprivileged) → unterdrückt; (Psych) → verdrängt; to be half submergedhalb versunken sein; the house was completely submergeddas Haus stand völlig unter Wasser; she is submerged in worksie erstickt in Arbeit


(səbˈməːdʒ) verb
to cover with, or sink under, water or other liquid. I watched the submarine submerging.
subˈmerged adjective
sunk beneath the surface. Submerged rocks are a great danger to shipping.
subˈmergence noun
subˈmersion (-ʃən (American) -ʒən) noun
References in classic literature ?
There remains to-day but a very imperceptible vestige of the Place de Grève, such as it existed then; it consists in the charming little turret, which occupies the angle north of the Place, and which, already enshrouded in the ignoble plaster which fills with paste the delicate lines of its sculpture, would soon have disappeared, perhaps submerged by that flood of new houses which so rapidly devours all the ancient façades of Paris.
Tibby gave all the praise to himself, and so despised the struggling and the submerged.
And as by our theory the areas including atolls and barrier-reefs are subsiding, we ought occasionally to find reefs both dead and submerged. In all reefs, owing to the sediment being washed out of the lagoon-channel to leeward, that side is least favourable to the long-continued vigorous growth of the corals; hence dead portions of reef not unfrequently occur on the leeward side; and these, though still retaining their proper wall-like form, are now in several instances sunk several fathoms beneath the surface.
It came dangerously, for one night the river, leaping the feeble barrier of Devil's Ford, swept away houses and banks, scattered with unconscious irony the laboriously collected heaps of gravel left for hydraulic machinery, and spread out a vast and silent lake across the submerged flat.
Immerse the garments in a tub, lightly rubbing the more soiled portions with the soap; leave them submerged in water from sunset to sunrise, and then the youngest baby can wash them without the slightest effort."
No more can I look into the depths of this unfathomable water, wherein, as momentary lights glanced into it, I have had glimpses of buried treasure and other things submerged. It was appointed that the book should shut with a a spring, for ever and for ever, when I had read but a page.
For two days no food was brought me, but then a new messenger appeared and my incarceration went on as before, but not again did I allow my reason to be submerged by the horror of my position.
You gasp, you splutter, you are blinded and deafened, you are submerged, obliterated, dissolved, annihilated, streaming all over as if your limbs, too, had turned to water.
Air is infinitely less dense than water, in which the ship is only half submerged, while the whole bulk of a balloon is plunged in the atmosphere, and remains motionless with reference to the element that surrounds it."
Hilda pulled down her veil and they stepped out into the thick brown wash that submerged St.
The other, submerged in his overcoat, listened with interest.
As the boats now more closely surrounded him, the whole upper part of his form, with much of it that is ordinarily submerged, was plainly revealed.