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v. sub·merged, sub·merg·ing, sub·merg·es
1. To place under the surface of a liquid, especially water: submerged the pieces of chicken in the broth.
2. To cover with water or another liquid; inundate: The flood submerged the road.
3. To hide from view; obscure: "The few public tributes to Nat Turner in the mainstream black press of the late 1950s submerged the armed rebellion within a narrative of nonviolent protest" (Scot French).
1. To go under the surface of a body of water: The submarine submerged quickly to avoid detection.
2. To disappear as if by going under water.

[Latin submergere : sub-, sub- + mergere, to plunge.]

sub·mer′gence n.
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Noun1.submergence - sinking until covered completely with watersubmergence - sinking until covered completely with water
sinking - a descent as through liquid (especially through water); "they still talk about the sinking of the Titanic"
dip - a brief immersion
غَمْر بالماء، تَغْطيس
bat madal masu altında kalma


[səbˈmɜːdʒəns] Nsumersión f, sumergimiento m, hundimiento m


(səbˈməːdʒ) verb
to cover with, or sink under, water or other liquid. I watched the submarine submerging.
subˈmerged adjective
sunk beneath the surface. Submerged rocks are a great danger to shipping.
subˈmergence noun
subˈmersion (-ʃən (American) -ʒən) noun
References in classic literature ?
She had accepted this submergence as philosophically as all her other trials, and now, in extreme old age, was rewarded by presenting to her mirror an almost unwrinkled expanse of firm pink and white flesh, in the centre of which the traces of a small face survived as if awaiting excavation.
From the very slow submergence of the boat I knew that Benson was doing the entire trick alone--that he was merely permitting the diving-tanks to fill and that the diving-rudders were not in use.
She felt the submergence of the boat and came out of her room to investigate.
The sanctity seemed no less clearly marked than the learning, for when Dorothea was impelled to open her mind on certain themes which she could speak of to no one whom she had before seen at Tipton, especially on the secondary importance of ecclesiastical forms and articles of belief compared with that spiritual religion, that submergence of self in communion with Divine perfection which seemed to her to be expressed in the best Christian books of widely distant ages, she found in Mr.
All yielding is attended with a less vivid consciousness than resistance; it is the partial sleep of thought; it is the submergence of our own personality by another.
The geologist, who is fully impressed with the vast oscillations of level which have affected the earth's crust within late periods, will not fear to speculate on the recent elevation of the Mexican platform, or, more probably, on the recent submergence of land in the West Indian Archipelago, as the cause of the present zoological separation of North and South America.
Due to severe performance Loss in Submergence condition, increasing the submergence threshold--The maximum outflow that Spillway can discharge without being submerged--can increase the efficiency of Spillway.
They brought along LEGO models of the ship that they made, which included miniature replicas of the deep submergence vehicle Alvin.
The mega project on Godavari river would lead to the submergence of a 150 sq km area in the Eastern Ghats, including 3,000 hectares ( ha) of forestland.
On the other hand, matters relating to flooding in Hunza Lake and unremitting concerns over the problems of the people emerging out of their submergence of their houses in the lake near Hunza will also come under discussion.
We also outlined the rights and benefits for Navy families and spotlighted the Navy's deep submergence rescue vehicle (DSRV)