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v. sub·merged, sub·merg·ing, sub·merg·es
1. To place under the surface of a liquid, especially water: submerged the pieces of chicken in the broth.
2. To cover with water or another liquid; inundate: The flood submerged the road.
3. To hide from view; obscure: "The few public tributes to Nat Turner in the mainstream black press of the late 1950s submerged the armed rebellion within a narrative of nonviolent protest" (Scot French).
1. To go under the surface of a body of water: The submarine submerged quickly to avoid detection.
2. To disappear as if by going under water.

[Latin submergere : sub-, sub- + mergere, to plunge.]

sub·mer′gence n.
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Noun1.submerging - sinking until covered completely with watersubmerging - sinking until covered completely with water
sinking - a descent as through liquid (especially through water); "they still talk about the sinking of the Titanic"
dip - a brief immersion
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SKARDU -- River Baltoro that was blocked by a massive landslide Friday in Skardu area made its way past the landslide after it formed a lake, submerging a large area of land.
The waters have breached the banks of the river at many places and has over flowed in Karnal district submerging scores of villages and destroying acres of crops.
In this week's step-by-step arrangement we show you how to create a table with real impact by submerging the flowers under the water to create a stunning display - the ideal way to impress your guests, especially if you're a terrible cook - they won't even notice the food