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So, for this reason, he drank but seldom since he always regretted the things he did under the promptings of that other self which only could assert its ego when reason was threatened with submersion.
Unhappily for the propensity of the steward, breath was as necessary after one of these draughts as after his submersion, and the time at length arrived when he was compelled to let go the bottle.
By a happy mingling of reasoning and intuition peculiar to her sex she found gold at her first descent, and emerged after three hours' submersion with about two hundredweight of ore containing gold in the unparalleled quantity of seventeen ounces to the ton.
Jameson proposes a dialectic capable of holding together in one breath the heterogeneities that reflect biological individuality, people's submersion in collective history, and class struggle, as well as alienation from a disembodied new world of information and abstraction.
A study conducted in the Philippines from 2006 to 2013 showed some 3,276 people die each year of drowning and submersion. It is the second-leading cause of death among children aged 14 years and below.
The grand procession of leading the sculptures into water bodies are how devotees bid farewell and this is known as the "visarjan" or submersion. But, we have a worrying cause left by the end of the submersion, polluted water bodies.
The receptionist died in April but the cause of death - MDMA toxicity and submersion in water - was only revealed at an inquest last week.
We are hoping OnePlus could get at least an IP67 rating which allows submersion to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
Drowning is defined as a condition resulting in death due to complete submersion or immersion in water.

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