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tr.v. sub·mersed, sub·mers·ing, sub·mers·es
To submerge.

[Probably back-formation from submersion, act of submerging, from Late Latin submersiō, submersiōn-, from Latin submersus, past participle of submergere, to submerge; see submerge.]

sub·mer′sion (-mûr′zhən, -shən) n.
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Noun1.submersion - sinking until covered completely with watersubmersion - sinking until covered completely with water
sinking - a descent as through liquid (especially through water); "they still talk about the sinking of the Titanic"
dip - a brief immersion
2.submersion - the act of wetting something by submerging itsubmersion - the act of wetting something by submerging it
wetting - the act of making something wet
غَمْر بالماء، تَغْطيس
bat madal masu altında kalma


[səbˈmɜːʃən] Nsumersión f


nUntertauchen nt; (of submarine)Tauchen nt; (by flood) → Überschwemmung f; submersion in liquidEintauchen ntin Flüssigkeit; prolonged submersion in waterlanges Liegen im Wasser


[səbˈmɜːʃn] n (see vt) → sommersione f, immersione f


(səbˈməːdʒ) verb
to cover with, or sink under, water or other liquid. I watched the submarine submerging.
subˈmerged adjective
sunk beneath the surface. Submerged rocks are a great danger to shipping.
subˈmergence noun
subˈmersion (-ʃən (American) -ʒən) noun
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So, for this reason, he drank but seldom since he always regretted the things he did under the promptings of that other self which only could assert its ego when reason was threatened with submersion.
Unhappily for the propensity of the steward, breath was as necessary after one of these draughts as after his submersion, and the time at length arrived when he was compelled to let go the bottle.
By a happy mingling of reasoning and intuition peculiar to her sex she found gold at her first descent, and emerged after three hours' submersion with about two hundredweight of ore containing gold in the unparalleled quantity of seventeen ounces to the ton.
Contract notice: study of definition of a network of flood markers and marine submersions on the territory of civis
In Section 4, we establish a connection between invariant Willmore-like tori with [xi]-invariant potentials in the total space N of Killing submersions and elastic curves with related potentials in the base surface M.
The company has joined forces with Pool Safely, a national public education campaign to reduce childhood drowning, non-fatal submersions and entrapments in public swimming pools and spas.
Il est a rappeler que la chaine Meteo francaise avait annonce dimanche que la Tunisie sera durement frappee par de tres fortes intemperies entre mercredi et vendredi, sous la forme de violents phenomenes (orages et pluies torrentielles, crues subites de cours d'eau, inondations eclairs, tempetes en mer, grosses vaques deferlantes a la cote et risques de submersions).
Il s'agit de risque de hausse des eaux de mer, de submersions des cotes, de hausse du taux de sel dans le sol.
His topics include invariant connections on reductive homogeneous spaces, finite order isometries and twistor spaces, vertically harmonic maps and harmonic sections of submersions, generalized harmonic maps, and generalized harmonic maps into f-manifolds and into reductive homogeneous spaces.
The study's authors emphasize that multiple layers of protection should be used to prevent portable pool submersions, including measures to prevent children from accessing pools when adults are not present, keeping children safe during use and being prepared to respond if a submersion injury does occur.
A programme of light, regular submersions of the site and surges in the watercourse will help to prepare the ecosystem for holding larger volumes of water in future and help restore the typical alluvial environment.
Conversely, in the Kura depression there was a sharp strengthening of submersions. Some interior elevations have disappeared.

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