submillimeter radiation

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sub·mil·li·me·ter radiation

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By observing submillimeter radiation from dust, astronomers can find hidden energy sources throughout space.
The Hubble image contains about 1,000 galaxies; the SCUBA image contains only five discrete sources of submillimeter radiation. This fundamental difference shows that while the optical and submillimeter portions of the cosmic background radiation are about equally strong, the latter is produced by much rarer objects.
The submillimeter radiation is from dust, and unfortunately dust poses a problem for many observational techniques.
The submillimeter radiation observed on Earth would have begun as infrared light from the distant galaxy.
Carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water vapor in our atmosphere absorb and emit copious amounts of infrared and submillimeter radiation, obscuring the weak emissions coming from space.
Another problem facing submillimeter-wave astronomy is water vapor in the atmosphere, which blocks most submillimeter radiation from reaching the ground.