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 (sŭb-mĭn′ē-ə-cho͝or′, -chər)
Smaller than miniature; exceedingly small.


smaller than miniature


(sʌbˈmɪn i ə tʃər, -ˌtʃʊər, -ˈmɪn ə tʃər)
smaller than miniature, as certain electronic components.
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These new box-style bus couplers feature TRS subminiature connectors which are a smaller alternative to the standard TRB connector.
Tenders are invited for Supply of hermetic, subminiature d type coaxial feedthrough having 20 coax pins and 25 coax pins on 100 cf flange with vacuum side and air side connectors and coax pin contacts and extra coaxial pins contracts female for vacuum and air side contacts as per technical specifications mentioned in the tender document
Shure has unveiled TwinPlex, the company's new line of premium subminiature (5 mm) omnidirectional lavalier and headset microphones, at NABShow.
The first team introduced a subminiature image process module and data transmitting platform while the other team suggested a transparent donation platform that utilizes blockchain technology.
The PSM connector family has the size and weight of an SMA (SubMiniature version A) connector and the power-handling capabilities of a TNC (Threaded Neill-Concelman) connector per MIL-PRF-39012 and MIL-STD-348, enabling customers to maximize power-handling performance while minimizing overall system weight and size.
WHEN it came to snatching secret documents, no self-respecting spy could be without the Minox Subminiature.
Tiny camera was an agent's friend WHEN it came to snatching secret documents, no self-respecting spy could be without the Minox Subminiature.
Among their topics are agricultural commitment in the Grasshopper Region, pots and the stories they tell: whole vessel assemblages as strong analytic cases, inferring identity and social division in a multi-ethnic historical cemetery: the Alameda-Stone Cemetery in Tucson, strong cases and the historical record: the case of portable radios with subminiature tubes, and strong methods in all cases.
PANDUIT, an industry expert in wire harness, heavy duty cable management, and control panel solutions for over 60 years, has announced the launch of two new cable tie hand tools--the GTS-E for subminiature (3.629 kg) to standard (22.680 kg) cross section cable ties and the GTH-E for standard (22.680 kg) to heavy (79.379 kg) cross section cable ties.
Walnut, CA, January 27, 2016 --( Designed as a next generation alternative to traditional subminiature type LEDs, SunLED's XZxx55W-A2RT reverse-mount LED series eliminates the typical Yoke Lead or Z-Bend leads to provide engineers with a true chip type Surface Mount LED.
tecsis LP (Worthington, OH) now offers the Model XLUS88, a subminiature, bidirectional, tension/compression load cell for ranges from 150 g up to 1,000 lbs.
specializes in extremely high precision machining of medical components and assemblies, ranging in size from subminiature occluding balls to cardiovascular blood pump housings.