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A number that is an exact divisor of another number.
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(Mathematics) a number that can be divided into another number an integral number of times without a remainder
(Mathematics) being a submultiple of a quantity or number
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(sʌbˈmʌl tə pəl)

a number that is contained by another number an integral number of times without a remainder: The number 3 is a submultiple of 12.
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We propose that the 5G new radio frame should maintain the LTE radio frame of 10 ms with a subframe of 1 ms and a time slot of 0.5 ms, and the subcarrier spacing for the HFBs is also constrained such that the sampling rate is a multiple or submultiple of the WCDMA chip rate of 3.84 Mcps.
[1] noted in a 1966 paper that breathing frequency was often a submultiple of stepping frequency.
Also, 19-inch rack enclosures are built such that they are relatively mechanically stable even at 40 and 45U heights." William Ketel agrees that a 19-inch assembly would be easy for one person to grab with both hands, adding that the width might be a multiple of the widths of the relays Westinghouse wanted to mount as well as a submultiple of a standard width of sheet metal available at the time.
Recall that one says that an angle [alpha] is a submultiple of an angle [beta] if either there is a positive integer n such that n[alpha] = [beta] or [alpha] = 0.
However the DFT-based method needs to avoid the leakage of the input frequency and the number of periods of the input waveform in the sample record should not be a nonprime integer submultiple of the record length, further the ADC needs to have a high resolution, which limits the maximum achievable sampling rate.
The 2-series may be analyzed as a duodecimal series, since 2 is an integral submultiple of 12 (the result of dividing 12 by 6).
It separates out, in fidelity to an event, its generic submultiple and then adds it to the former situation.
The difference is set so that the sampling rate is not an exact submultiple of the data rate, which would cause the sampling to repeat at exactly the same point each time the pattern occurred.