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A number that is an exact divisor of another number.


(Mathematics) a number that can be divided into another number an integral number of times without a remainder
(Mathematics) being a submultiple of a quantity or number


(sʌbˈmʌl tə pəl)

a number that is contained by another number an integral number of times without a remainder: The number 3 is a submultiple of 12.
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The distortion components can be submultiples of the fundamental frequencies in a power system and cause distortion in the sinusoidal wave shape and are called harmonic distortion but generally the integer multiples are referred as harmonic components and are harmonic distortion.
Regarding the investigation of this article, B and its units Tesla, and submultiples micro Tesla (mT) will be the reference variable and units.
We claim that all the dihedral angles of P are submultiples of [pi].
i] is usually the submultiples, or multiples of the engine rotating speed (i.
Let P be a hyperbolic Coxeter polytope which is a polytope in hyperbolic space whose dihedral angles are submultiples of n.
If it were a question of comparisons here, would we not attribute to joy that crowd of descendants that the submultiples [roughly: the first five overtones] offer, whose existence is indicated by the resonance [of a sounding body]?
For the United States, K20 is calibrated at the BIPM, and the unit of mass is then disseminated at NIST from K20 to a mass scale covering multiples and submultiples of the kilogram, as outlined in Ref.
If frequencies are used which are submultiples of the sample rate, the waveform will exercise only a few codes of the digital word.
Vibrations of sound disperse, periodic movements go through space with their harmonics or submultiples.
Dose limits can be set as multiples and submultiples of natural background radiation levels.
95328 CHz and its integer multiples and submultiples to control different electro-optical devices in optical-fiber line-terminal equipment.