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A portable computer that is smaller than a notebook computer.
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(ˈsʌbˌnoʊt bʊk)
a laptop computer smaller and lighter than a notebook, typically weighing less than 5 pounds (2.3 kg).
[1990–95, Amer.]
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The Eee PC is a subnotebook computer designed by ASUS and Intel.
"In order to maintain an ultra-thin and lightweight product, many new versions of the subnotebook computer do not include necessary storage devices such as CD-ROM drives," said Les Luzar, division manager of TEAC's Data Storage Products Division.
With expected technological advances, it is conceivable a subnotebook computer will weigh less than 12 ounces and have a 6[inches] x 8[inches] high resolution color screen, making it look and feel like a book that you might read in bed.
Upholding its reputation as a trend-setter in these developments, Zenith Data Systems has taken a leadership position in the next generation of portability with the new Z-LITE 320L subnotebook computer. Weighing just 3.9 pounds, the Z-LITE 320L provides all the standard functionality of traditional notebooks, yet is about half their weight and size.
HOUSTON - While other computer companies have abandoned or downplayed the subnotebook computer category, Compaq Computer Corp.
These designs will target a range of specific markets ranging from very low-cost, high-volume embedded control markets, to very low-power subnotebook computer markets, all the way to very high-end computers.