suborder Brachyura

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Noun1.suborder Brachyura - an order of crustaceans (including true crabs) having a reduced abdomen folded against the ventral surface
animal order - the order of animals
brachyuran - typical crabs
crab - decapod having eyes on short stalks and a broad flattened carapace with a small abdomen folded under the thorax and pincers
genus Menippe, Menippe - stone crabs
Cancridae, family Cancridae - many of the best known edible crabs
family Portunidae, Portunidae - swimming crabs
genus Uca, Uca - fiddler crabs
family Pinnotheridae, Pinnotheridae - tiny soft-bodied crabs
family Lithodidae, Lithodidae - deep-sea crabs of cold waters
family Majidae, Majidae - spider crabs
Reptantia, suborder Reptantia - lobsters; crabs
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