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An oxide containing a relatively small amount of oxygen.
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(Chemistry) an oxide of an element containing less oxygen than the common oxide formed by the element: carbon suboxide, C2O3.
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(sʌbˈɒk saɪd, -sɪd)

the oxide of an element that contains the smallest proportion of oxygen.
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The Army Research Lab is also investing in new materials such as boron suboxide.
It is worth mentioning that the formation of Cu oxides is a suboxide. Petukhov et al.
In the present work, commercial suboxide [Zr.sub.3]O nanoparticles have been fixed onto AC to improve the sorption capacity of MB and CV dyes.
Boron Suboxide, B60 is the third hardest material behind diamond and cubic boron nitride.
Oxidation reactions that result in the transfer of an oxygen atom from [H.sub.2]O to Si would produce a Si suboxide in the composite with Si and Cu.
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The Vickers microhardness of boron suboxide ceramics was measured via indentation [5].
In addition to two characteristic Si-O vibrational peaks, weak intense peaks corresponding to oxygen vacancies around 653-678 [cm.sup.-1] (Si-Si bond) [30], carbon impurity (1400-1500 [cm.sup.-1])[39], Si-H (2100-2300 [cm.sup.-1])[40], and silicon suboxide species (Si[O.sub.x], x~0.5) in the frequency range of 988-1000 [cm.sup.-1] [31] are also present in the spectrum.
It was found that the composition of this product has some similarity with hydrated poly(carbon suboxide) which is known to be formed during CO disproportionation in plasma [39].
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Nitrogen oxides (N[O.sub.x]), the concentrations of which are evaluated in the engine tests, cover a number of compounds, including nitrogen monoxide (NO), nitrogen suboxide ([N.sub.2]O) and nitrogen dioxide (N[O.sub.2]).
Vapor pressure of gallium, stability of gallium suboxide vapor, and equilibria of some reactions producing gallium suboxide vapor.