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Beneath the periosteum: subperiosteal tooth implants.
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Subperiosteal versus epiperiosteal forehead augmentation with hydroxyapatite for aesthetic facial contouring: experimental animal investigation and clinical application.
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Beyond its ability to excellently show the extend of disease and involvement of surrounding tissues, it can demonstrate imaging findings highly suggestive of an underlying infectious process, including unilateral involvement subperiosteal or transcapsular infiltrates of the surrounding muscles combined with extensive bone marrow edema (7).
Through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and/or computed tomography in the orbital region, 13 patients (34.2% of all patients) were diagnosed as follows: sinusitis in 6 patients (46.1%), subperiosteal abscess in 3 patients (23%), preseptal cellulitis in 8 patients (61.5%), and orbital cellulitis in 3 patients (23%).
Lesions comprised a moth-eaten pattern of lysis affecting mainly the medullary cavities; expansion and irregular contour of the cortex of the diaphysis and the metaphysis of the left radius and ulna, as well as, to a minor degree, the distal right ulna; irregular thinning with multifocal areas of subperiosteal scalloping and lysis of the cortex of both radiuses, ulnas, and tibiotarsi, as well as digits; irregular and poorly mineralized periosteal reaction on the medial aspect of the distal metaphysis and distal diaphysis of the left tibiotarsus; medullary sclerosis, geographic lysis, and multifocal subperiosteal scalloping without cortical expansion of both humeri; and an oblique, simple, and proximomedially displaced right humeral fracture (Fig 1).
Using classic knee arthroplasty technique, a medial exposure in both varus and valgus knees first involves the subperiosteal elevation of the capsule and deep MCL insertion on the proximal and medial tibia.
Mills and Nork [12] suggested that dual plating could be achieved with minimal soft-tissue dissection by using a more anterior skin incision and limiting subperiosteal dissection to fracture margins and to the area of anticipated plate application.
These cystic lesions can be misdiagnosed as epidermoid cyst, cystic teratoma, hemangioma, branchial cyst, trichilemmal cyst, lymphadenopathy, sebaceous cyst, subperiosteal abscess, or hematoma.
The advantage of FESS is the avoidance of external ethmoidectomy and associated external facial scar and an early drainage of the affected sinuses and subperiosteal abcess14.
Nazal cilt elevasyonunun subperikondral ve subperiosteal olarak dogru planda yapilmasi, operasyon sirasinda kanamalarin onlenmesi postoperatif odem ve ekimozun azaltilmasinda en etkili peroperatif onlemlerdir.
(3) Demineralization can be subperiosteal, endosteal, subchondral, subligamentous and along the joint margins.