subphylum Tunicata

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Noun1.subphylum Tunicata - tunicatessubphylum Tunicata - tunicates        
Chordata, phylum Chordata - comprises true vertebrates and animals having a notochord
tunicate, urochord, urochordate - primitive marine animal having a saclike unsegmented body and a urochord that is conspicuous in the larva
Ascidiaceae, class Ascidiaceae - sometimes classified as an order: sea squirts
class Thaliacea, Thaliacea - small class of free-swimming tunicates; sometimes classified as an order
class Larvacea, Larvacea - small free-swimming tunicates; sometimes classified as an order
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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Location(s) Solitary or Taxon collected Colonial Phylum Chordata Subphylum Tunicata Class Ascidiacea Order Aplousobranchia Family Didemnidae Didemnum psammathodes b Colonial Didemnum duplicatum b, c Colonial Diplosoma listerianum b Colonial Lissoclinum fragile a, b Colonial Family Polyclinidae Polyclinum constellatum b, e Colonial Family Clavelinidae Clavelina oblonga d Colonial Order Phlebobranchia Family Perophoridae Perophora sp.