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Any of the units that make up a pixel. Each pixel usually has one red, one blue, and one green subpixel.
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The Ranger3's sensor acquires 3D profiles over 2,560 coordinates at 1/16 subpixel resolution.
These hybrid pixels include an OLED subpixel and a QD-LED subpixel, both of which are integrated into each hybrid pixel using transport layers and cathodes.
VUTEk h series printers automated table and carriage alignment along with a new camera-based vision system for subpixel alignment, printhead density balance, and step and bi-directional setup significantly increase productivity and accuracy.
But low production is the main issue Samsung needs to tackle for a lead in the field, as manufacturing a MicoLED with one subpixel produced at a time is 'very challenging.' LG, for example, could produce a single OLED display packed with millions of subpixels at once, making the screen have outstanding picture quality.
adopt the Zernike moment to obtain the subpixel edge points and make the precision of the circular sun image centroid reach 0.07 pixel, which is obviously better than that of the gray centroid algorithm [22].
The cross-correlation and subpixel methods [14] were used for the PIV data analysis.
Figure 2 presents vertical images of the subpixel color filter at a normal direction in the dark state.
The use of such targets is motivated by the ability of both preventing the pixel snapping problem--allowing a subpixel resolution accuracy of the center of the target and the accuracy of the normal of the plane the target is lying on.
In this method, the projected corner locations are estimated with subpixel precision using local homographies to each corner in the images as illustrated in Figure 3.
Figure 2(a) shows the classical multiframe image to achieve single-image SR; there are 4 LR images with subpixel translation; the complementary information can be fused to reconstruct a HR image with higher resolution.
While MRI studies do not directly report on polarization, immunofluorescence imaging can be used to evaluate changes in TAM iron deposit polarization and provide subpixel information about the dependence of the USPIO contrast agent uptake on TAM polarization [22-24].