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Reduction in potency, as of a drug.

sub·po′tent adj.


not at full strength
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Paul Davignon, chief of the PRB (and coauthor of the laetrile paper), wrote that this Mexican laetrile was "chemically subpotent, mislabeled and of poor manufacturing quality.
The PDMA was enacted (1) to ensure that drug products purchased by consumers are safe and effective, and (2) to avoid the unacceptable risk to American consumers from counterfeit, adulterated, misbranded, subpotent, or expired drugs.
Table R-1: Applications of molecular amplification methods for the diagnosis and management of malaria * Clinical situations: * Subpotent Parasitemia associated with chemoprophylaxis or diagnosed during the convalescent period.
Foreign outlets may distribute drugs that are expired, subpotent, contaminated or counterfeit.
technologies to protect against counterfeit, diverted, subpotent,
The Agency-emphasized it will continue its efforts to implement the pharmaceutical security provisions set forth in section 913 of the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 (FDAAA), which created new section 505D of the FD&C Act and requires FDA to develop standards and identify and validate effective technologies for securing the drug supply chain against counterfeit, diverted, subpotent, substandard, adulterated, misbranded, or expired drugs.
By selecting the wrong antibiotic and using a subpotent dose, you are contributing to the development of resistant strains of bacteria.
44) This Act prohibits counterfeit, misbranded, substandard, subpotent, ineffective, or expired drugs, by regulating the distribution of drug samples.
Counterfeiting, by contrast, is likely to affect large numbers of people; delivering subpotent product has become the subject of widespread criminal activity affecting many product types.
The immune responses elicited by subpotent vaccines may exert selection pressure that favors antigenic drift and shift (Figure).
24) These counterfeit drugs may contain inactive ingredients, subpotent, or superpotent drugs that could cause unexpected side effects.
Examples of such hazards include drugs that are expired, subpotent, contaminated, counterfeit, improperly packaged or contain an incorrect dose.