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A subdivision of a region, especially an ecological region.

sub′re′gion·al adj.


(Environmental Science) a subdivision of a region, esp a zoogeographical or ecological region
subˈregional adj
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Interestingly, Ethiopia--the poorest subregional core state with an annual gross national income (GNI) per capita of $220--has the largest armed force in Africa with around 200,000 personnel, a carryover from both its recent conflict with Eritrea and its long civil conflict.
at Marion) examines the changes in the nature of the economic and diplomatic relationship between China and the Malay region during this period, moving beyond discussion of state-sponsored exchanges in order to also explore such aspects as port activities, the impact of the subregional demand markets in the Malay region on the export of Chinese products, and the meeting of changing market demands in China for foreign products.
The promoters of the new cabinet claim subregional government would be good for the economy, but how can flabby, costly government be good for the economy?
Floyd also worked for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) as the subregional coordinator in the Budget and Grants Division.
What is Venezuela's position towards subregional deals in the Americas?
They also showed support on subregional economic cooperation.
The reduction of prices in Central America is a turning point in the history of the epidemic, both in the area of the subregional response as well as in the global context," Panamanian Health Minister Fernando Gracia said announcing the deal.
The directory is divided into 13 sections: Alphabetical List of Public and Branch Libraries Whose Names Do Not Indicate Their Location; Public and Branch Libraries; Library Cooperatives; Academic Libraries; Regions of Cooperation; Regional Educational Media Centers; Regional and Subregional Libraries; Michigan Documents Depository Libraries; Federal Documents Depository Libraries; Michigan State Agency Libraries; Special Libraries; Library Associations; and School Libraries.
The technical team was composed of a subregional cabinet of Independent Expert Consultants (ECI), coordinated by Jean Pierre Agnangoye of the Congo, supported by Prosper Magloire Seme, of Cameroon and a national expert, Angeles Mangue Eyene Nzang, head of the Training Department, Awareness and Disclosure of INDEFOR.
Ariel Inda Magbanwag, spokesperson of the NPA's South-Central Bukidnon Subregional Command, said the mission dubbed as Operation Rice-Seizure was given a green light and launched at the private warehouse of Helen Bernal in Purok 11, Barangay Batangan, at around 6 p.
With the India-China border regions undergoing transformation, Kurian offers a comparative analysis of India-China relations at the subregional level, and looks at three key research subjects--switching border narratives in India and China to a focus on issues that have a direct bearing on those living on the frontier; swapping existing border narratives for the idea of peace as a regional public good; and examining implicit biases in knowledge production and rewriting international relationsAE agendas.
Uzbekistan has no problems with food security, Mustapha Sinaceur, subregional representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said during his recent visit to the country, reported Gazeta.